How to make a titanium wallet with just a pair of scissors

A titanium wallet can be made by using only two scissors, one sharpening the other, and a simple hand-tooling.

That is the approach taken by a group of Swiss designers who say they have created the most sophisticated titanium wallet yet, capable of carrying more than $100,000.

The design has been designed to protect your money, without having to worry about theft or losing it, they say.

And because the titanium wallet is made from an alloy that has a high conductivity, it can be easily cleaned, as long as the materials used are suitable for the job.

The titanium wallet, made from titanium dioxide, is one of several innovative titanium wallets in Canada.

It uses titanium dioxide to create a new alloy, the Zirconium, that will be stronger than any other alloy used in Canadian wallets.

“It’s a very special alloy that doesn’t degrade with age,” said Philippe Vigou, a Swiss design company executive.

“And we can make it for very little money, in our opinion.”

They say they chose Zircomium because the alloy has low toxicity and is not corrosive to the body.

The two blades are mounted on a single handle, with a plastic handle that can be removed and reused.

Each blade has a titanium oxide core that is protected by an ultra-thin titanium oxide coating.

The Zircolium is then polished to a mirror-like finish that is durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

The wallet is available for $7,300 at an online store, but Vigoun said the company plans to begin selling the product commercially soon.

“We’ve tried to offer the titanium version in a way that it is suitable for daily use and is a practical, practical wallet,” Vigoulon said.

“The titanium version will be sold only in the Swiss market.”

Development Is Supported By

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