Tithium straightener used in US, Japan dies

A titanium straightening tool is a key component of modern day high-tech devices.

But the US and Japan have both announced that they have been stricken with radiation sickness due to the use of the tool in their industries.

The Titanium-based alloy was first developed by Japanese company Tecnic and made its debut in the US in 2006.

The tool was designed to be able to bend metal and provide a very thin, light, durable and easy to use tool for cutting and welding.

But as the tool’s popularity soared, so did its price tag, with the company announcing in 2008 that it had been worth $1.5 billion in its initial life span.

It took another five years for the tool to hit the market in Japan, where it has since been replaced by cheaper, easier to use titanium tools.

But a new report published on Monday by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei indicates that the company’s latest batch of titanium tools is causing serious health problems for its employees.

The report, which is based on information gathered from two interviews with a company representative and a representative of an individual with occupational health conditions, shows that workers have suffered from radiation sickness and other adverse effects due to their use of titanium straighteners.

The Nikkeis report, titled Titanium Exposure and Health: A Public Health Emergency, notes that a number of other similar reports are being shared by other companies.

The report, published by the Nikkeisen, states that the US government has estimated that as many as 30,000 people are exposed to radiation each year through direct exposure, such as work-related exposures, as well as indirect, such in the air.

The paper goes on to say that the use and production of titanium products are inextricably linked to the health of workers.

The article states that a large number of the employees interviewed said they have experienced severe and permanent radiation sickness, and that some of them have even died.

The health effects are not limited to those exposed to the titanium materials.

It states that workers in Japan who use titanium products in manufacturing also reported having cancer and other serious health effects.

The researchers note that although there are not yet data on the extent of the problem, the number of deaths associated with titanium is estimated to be more than 1,000.

A representative of Tecnic told the Nikkisen that the firm has been working with the Japanese government to prevent the spread of radiation sickness among its employees and to improve the manufacturing process.

In an interview with the newspaper, the Tecnic representative also said that they are actively investigating how the titanium products were used in the workplace, adding that the safety of their products is paramount.

The use of high-powered, heavy-duty tools is increasingly common in Japan.

Some countries have also been making high-end tools to meet consumer demand, such a cutting machine from the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric that has been used in films, video games, and a variety of other industries.

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