What you need to know about titanium: What’s it made of?

In 2013, the U.S. government banned the production of titanium from the Chinese mainland, but the industry is booming in Taiwan and elsewhere.

The company has been selling titanium for years in the U:In 2015, it made more than $10 billion in sales.

And while China banned the import of titanium in January, it allowed the production and sale of titanium products to Taiwan.

Taiwan is now the world’s second-largest titanium producer after the U, with a market worth more than a billion dollars a year.

It has also become one of the most valuable producers of the metal in the world.

The Chinese government banned exports of titanium to Taiwan last year, and Taiwan imports the material from other countries.

Taiwanese workers assemble titanium for the Ti-U Technologies’ new Ti-Focus aluminum alloy at a plant in Taipei in March 2017.

Bloomberg News/David Gray The company’s production of high-tech aluminum products like the TiFocus alloy has expanded in recent years, too.

It now makes about 10 million metric tons of the alloy a year, about twice the production it made before the ban.

The demand for TiFocus, a lighter-weight, lighter-strength alloy, is fueling demand for more advanced products.

Titanium also has a high concentration of lithium, a key component of batteries.

The government is considering a ban on lithium production for use in batteries.

The company’s CEO, Lin Hung-fang, told reporters in 2016 that titanium’s future depends on “the ability to make the most of the world” with the materials.

“The future of titanium is bright,” he said.

“We are seeing a lot of new products that are very interesting.”

The U.K.-based company is a major supplier to the U., as well as many European countries, such as Germany, France, and Italy.

Its aluminum production has surged in recent decades, thanks to the growth of China and other emerging markets.

TiFocus is made from aluminum alloy.

It is used to make high-performance aluminum composites for airplanes, spacecraft, and other applications.

But its production is also used to manufacture other materials.

The metal is also important in medical implants and in batteries and other high-power technologies.

Development Is Supported By

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