Apple Card Titanium Draco is now a titanium watch

Now that the iPhone 6 is available, Apple is taking another step to create a new breed of watch that is as sleek as the titanium metal that is inside.

The company is introducing a new titanium watch that combines the best features of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 and adds a little more of the design of the titanium watch.

It is called the Apple Card.

The Apple Card is a titanium wrist watch that has been designed to appeal to those who like to wear watches that are minimalist and have minimal detailing.

The watch has a titanium frame with a carbon fiber band around the dial.

The band is attached to a steel bracelet.

This watch is available in three colors: titanium blue, titanium black, and titanium white.

The watches also come with a titanium bracelet and case.

The new watch comes in two models.

The first is a model that has a stainless steel case and a titanium band.

The case is made of stainless steel, while the band is made out of titanium.

This model comes in a stainless stainless steel and titanium version.

The second model is a stainless titanium model with a stainless metal case and titanium band and stainless steel bracelet and titanium strap.

The stainless titanium case is a little larger than the stainless steel model, which is good because this is a more elegant case.

Apple says that it has also taken the opportunity to give the Apple Watch a titanium buckle, which makes the watch look even better.

This means that the watch will look more like a watch, not a watch case.

As Apple points out, “The design of this watch is minimal.

It’s sleek and minimalistic with a little bit of the watch making it a bit of a watch.”

Apple is also offering the Apple watch in two versions: a stainless model and a stainless black model.

Stainless steel is used for the stainless buckle.

Apple is calling the stainless black version the “Apple Watch Black.”

The stainless steel version is available only in the titanium black version.

As you can see in the image above, the Apple card comes in titanium blue and titanium black.

The titanium blue model is available with a gold or silver buckle, and the titanium blue black model has a black buckle.

It has a 3mm titanium steel band.

Apple’s announcement of the Apple cards comes in the wake of rumors about a titanium Apple Watch.

It was reported that Apple was going to release a titanium version of the new watch.

A titanium Apple watch was reportedly being considered by the company for several months before it was announced last year.

While there was no specific confirmation, the speculation suggested that Apple could be planning to produce a watch with a steel case that is more minimalist.

There is also speculation that Apple might produce a titanium Watch for the iPhone in the future.

Apple did not confirm or deny the titanium Apple Watches rumors, but it did offer a couple of different images that appeared to show a titanium model in the coming months.

The images also showed a titanium black Apple watch.

Apple has not said whether or not the titanium watches are going to be available in the U.S. Apple Watch Titanium is available now for $499, with a three-year contract for $1,399.

The price is about the same as the stainless silver Apple Watch model, but Apple says the watch comes with an extra $500 in monthly recurring fees.

The iPhone 6 comes with the new Apple Watch and comes with a $199 upgrade fee for the watch.

The 3D titanium watch is a good addition to the Apple Watchers lineup, and Apple may even have something in the works for the next generation of Apple Watters.

The only downside to the titanium version is that it is not available in a titanium finish.

Apple may want to rethink the design and the design could be a little rough.

The metal bands on the watch are more noticeable than the titanium bands, and it will be hard to tell the difference if you are wearing the watch with just a watch band.

While Apple does not want to be too gimmicky, the titanium versions of the previous models look a little better than the steel models.

You can order the Apple Apple Card titanium watch right now at the Apple Store.

The device is expected to be released sometime this summer.

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