‘I’ll be dead if I don’t have scissors’: Canadian woman who has been stuck for 10 months without scissors says she’ll be ‘dead if I have to’

The woman who says she’s been stuck with a plastic scissors for 10 days has made a plea for the country to get rid of them.

“I don’t want to die in this country because it is a prison and I don,t want to live like a prisoner in this jail,” said Maria Merenguer, who is being held in a maximum security facility in Montreal.

“I don,’t want my life to end like that.”

She has been locked up in Montreal’s Hôtel de Ville prison for more than a year, unable to leave the facility due to an immigration detention order.

Merenguier was one of three women who came forward to CBC News on Monday with stories of other women in the same situation.

“It’s the third time I have come to them with this experience and they have not helped me,” Mereguer said.

The first woman came forward after being held for about three weeks, after she said she was denied her right to have a haircut by guards and told to wear a surgical mask.

“They took my face and my hair and they said I had to wear surgical masks,” she said.

“Then they took my hands and they put them in a bag and put it in a truck and drove away.”

She said she had no choice but to wear the surgical mask after she was ordered to wear one when she was taken to the facility.

The second woman was locked up for five months, after her family reported her missing and authorities said she wasn’t getting a haircut.

Marenguer said the third woman has been in prison for two months without a haircut, despite the fact that she was given one.

“It is so cruel that they do this to me,” she told CBC News.

“You want me to wear my hair, your hands, your face, you don’t even need scissors.”

Meregueres story is similar to the stories of others who spoke with CBC News, with several of them reporting being forced to wear surgery masks after being told they had to.CBC News has reached out to Hôte de Villet for comment.

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