How to remove a titanium lug nut

The titanium lug nuts are a must for titanium trim and their removal is not difficult.

The nuts can be purchased online or at any dealer.

The process is simple, however.

The nut must be removed using the standard method and the bolt head must be stripped and the lug nuts reassembled.

Once the nut is removed, it will be time to remove the bolts and bolts will not be available for the following process.

Once removed, the bolt and bolt head should be cleaned and sanitized with a mild detergent.

The bolts and nuts will need to be cleaned, cleaned and cleaned again and will need time to dry.

After that, the nut will need another cleaning and then it will need a final cleaning.

The next step is to clean the bolt that is attached to the lug nut with a clean rag or paper towel and then wipe down the bolt with a damp cloth to remove any residue that may remain on the bolt.

Once that is complete, the nuts should be reassembled and cleaned.

This is the process that I have used to remove my titanium lug wrench.

The bolt that I removed from the bolt was attached to an 8mm bolt that was drilled and tapped into the bolt carrier and a bolt carrier.

I used a 1.5mm socket and I used the supplied 6mm hex head screws that were also provided to remove.

I then removed the bolt from the lug and it slid out of the lug bolt carrier with ease.

This bolt was not secured to the bolt in any way, however, the bolts were still in the bolt housing and could be removed.

After removing the bolt, the lug wrench and bolt housing, I cleaned the bolt up and then reassembled it and cleaned the bolts up.

After cleaning up the bolt assembly, I then used a 6mm socket to remove and reassemble the bolt which is secured to both the bolt body and lug nut.

I attached the bolt to the lugs by using a 9mm hex bolt that had been drilled and polished to a specific thickness.

I made sure that I used two 9mm sockets on the lug head and then I used an 8×16 hex bolt to attach the lug to the body.

I secured the lug with a bolt and nut holder on the end of the bolt at each end.

Once I had the lug in place, I removed the lug by pulling the bolt off the bolt by using the hex bolt and the locking nut.

When I was done with the lug, I reattached the lug using the bolt holder and the hex head screw.

I reassembled the lug from the body and then cleaned up the lug.

The lug is now ready to be used again.

I will be posting a full review of the Titanium lug wrench in the coming weeks.

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