The New York Times op-ed columnist, Paul Krugman, argues that the American economy could be in a deep recession by mid-January. The economy is “in a tailspin” as the U.S. “continues to shrink its economy and its workforce.” This is not an exaggeration, Krugman argues, as “a new round of cuts to Social Security and Medicare payments could push the U to the brink of a recession in January.” Krugman also warns that “the next round of austerity will not be the last” and that we should expect a “severe economic downturn.” Source The American Conservatives

“We are in a tailspins” Krugman wrote in an op-er article published by the New York Post.

“A new round, not the last round, is coming.

A new round that we can’t predict, because the economy is in a tail-spin, that is, shrinking and stagnating.

It is like the Titanic, which is sinking.

And now it’s going down.

We are in the worst of all worlds.”

Krugman has previously warned that the United States could be entering a recession if we don’t deal with the debt crisis and deal with a host of other pressing issues.

He has warned that if the economy were to collapse, there could be a massive loss of wealth, especially for middle class families.

Krugman has also warned that there could even be a “sudden” drop in the stock market and that “this will accelerate the slide toward bankruptcy.”

Krugman has suggested that “an even deeper recession than the Great Depression” could result if the U

You’re not getting the titanium exhaust wrap, titanium tech

You may have noticed a difference in the titanium sticks on your car.

There’s an option to choose between titanium or carbon.

There are two levels of titanium.

The premium model comes with titanium, while the base model comes in titanium and titanium exhaust wraps.

Both are carbon-fiber coated, but the base comes in the standard titanium.

You can pick between the two types of titanium in this video, and the best thing is you can get both types of exhaust wraps, as well as carbon-finish exhaust wraps to go with it.

Titanium is known for its incredible durability, and we’ve seen titanium stick 225 cars that can run for years on the road.

But the premium titanium edition is one of the best deals you can buy.

Tiago has done a lot of great work with the titanium production, including producing titanium exhaust covers, carbon fiber covers, and titanium paint on its titanium cars.

The carbon-reinforced rubber tires are great for road and track use.

Tiagos premium car comes with a carbon-based carbon fiber exhaust wrap.

Tios carbon-free exhaust wraps offer the best of both worlds.

Tiagones premium carbon fiber car comes in Carbon-Fiber-Faced Carbon Fiber, Titanium-Fibre-Facing Carbon Fiber.

The Carbon-Backed Carbon Fiber covers come in Carbon Fibre-Baced Carbon Fibres, Carbon Fibers Carbon-Carbon Fibers, Carbon-Satin Carbon Fibbers Carbon Fibors Carbon Fibrers Carbon Fiberers Carbon Fibriers Carbon

The iPhone 5 is so powerful it can melt titanium

The iPhone 4S was one of the most powerful smartphones ever made, but it was only the first iPhone to use the metal alloy.

Now, the iPhone 5 has made titanium a more prominent feature.

And while some people might argue that titanium is an inferior alloy to stainless steel, that isn’t the case with the iPhone 6, which is already the strongest smartphone on the market.

A recent study showed that the iPhone is capable of breaking down to titanium alloy, making it the strongest phone on the planet.

Here are some of the things we learned about titanium during our visit to the iPhone factory:1.

Titanium is more durable than stainless steel.

The Titanium iPhone 6 is made of titanium.

But the material is also incredibly strong, thanks to the titanium-based elastomer that is used to make the case.

Titanium was also used to create the outer casing of the iPhone 4 and 4S.

The iPhone 6 also uses a new material that has been engineered to resist corrosion, like the material used to build the iPhone’s camera, which was designed to resist UV light.

Titanium isn’t just a more resilient material, it’s also the strongest of all metals.

Titanium steel is also more resistant to scratches and dents.

Titanium also offers a unique combination of durability and strength.

Titanium’s strength is due to its ability to hold more heat and pressure.

This makes titanium more resistant than stainless, but not as strong as aluminum.2.

Titanium iPhones are lighter.

While aluminum is one of today’s most popular materials, it weighs around 40 percent more than titanium.

That makes titanium iPhones a little lighter, and also offers some added durability.

Titanium smartphones are also made of less expensive aluminum, which means they’ll last longer than aluminum.3.

Titanium makes an incredibly high-quality case.

In addition to being a durable material, titanium iPhones are made with an extremely high-grade material called tritium.

Titanium phones are also extremely light, weighing in at just under 2 ounces (71 grams).

They also come with an extra layer of protection: Titanium is the only metal that doesn’t rust.

This means that, while it will eventually rust, titanium phones are virtually indestructible.

The Titanium iPhone 5 also comes with an 18:9 aspect ratio display, which will make it easier to read text.

And, unlike other iPhone 5 models, it has a fingerprint reader on the back.

But while these features make the iPhone even more durable, they don’t offer as much durability as titanium.

It’s the case of the phone’s durability, not the other way around.4.

Titanium iPhone cases are cheaper than stainless iPhones.

While stainless iPhones are the most expensive phones on the iPhone market right now, the prices are dropping quickly.

Stainless iPhones start at $549, which isn’t too bad for a phone that has a price tag of $4,000.

But a new titanium iPhone case from Taiwan’s Taiwan Phone Company can be had for $1,199.

This price is considerably cheaper than most stainless iPhones, which starts at around $1.8 million.5.

Titanium aluminum iPhones can hold a little more pressure.

Titanium does have a few more unique properties than stainless and aluminum.

Titanium can resist corrosion better than stainless.

Titanium has a much higher melting point than stainless because it has less of an alloy.

Titanium doesn’t suffer from chromium rusting as readily, so it can be more durable.

Titanium aluminium iPhones can also hold a larger amount of pressure than stainless aluminium iPhones.

Titanium Apple Watch bands can hold up to 10 pounds.

Titanium Aluminum iPhones are much easier to repair than stainless Aluminum iPhones, because they can be repaired quickly.6.

Titanium phone cases can be custom designed.

Titanium cases are not just made for the iPhone.

They are also available for other Apple devices like the Apple Watch.

For example, the Titanium iPhone 7 case can be made to look like the iPhone 7 Plus.

This allows you to customize the case to your own taste.

Titanium will also offer a leather strap option, so you can customize the iPhone case to fit your needs.7.

Titanium laptops are the best.

The titanium laptop is a solid-state laptop, which translates to it being a laptop with no batteries or ports.

The battery can be removed from the laptop and replaced with a USB-C port.

This will allow the laptop to power off, but the battery is still there.

Titanium laptop cases can also be made with a more modern design, like titanium aluminum or titanium glass.

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